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Photo Experiences

Burying Point - Pirates

Unique Features:

Enhanced Pirate dressing

Treasure Chests

Guns, Swords, and Skulls!

Untitled design (29).png
Untitled design (26).png
Untitled design (32).png

Burying Point is a pirate-centered theatrical set inspired by Salem's historical Charter Street waterfront. Pirates and Wenches alike roam the Burying Point grounds at sunset. This experience focuses more so on the dressing process than witch shoots, typically adding fishnets/boots/jewelry to your outfit.

FOR PIRATE SHOOTS: We have short pirate dresses for women, if you're interested in wearing one please wear shorts! Feel free to bring in your own stockings or fun boots for the shoot as well. We have $5 fishnet stockings for purchase available in studio as well.

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