COVID-19 Safety | Witch Pix

Witch Pix COVID-19 Safety Precautions

We have taken the following steps for our staff and customer safety during this outbreak.

  • All counters, cash registers, keyboards, keyboards, and surfaces used by customers and staff have been disinfected and are disinfected again following use.

  • 100% of our costumes have been disinfected.

  • Every costume used is disinfected following each use.

  • All costumes have been isolated from public traffic.

  • All staff people wash hands before and after servicing any customers.

  • All photo sessions are being conducted with our doors closed and for customer privacy and reduction of traffic. We are referring to this as social distance privacy and are offering social distance private photo shoot promotional pricing.

  • We have reduced the number of seats available for customers including the computer stations, again, to minimize exposure.

  • Use of props in our poses have been minimized to props we are able to disinfect before and after each use.

  • We encourage anyone who suspects cold-related symptoms to refrain from our activities as costume dressing and photo shoots are an intimate and close activity. Please schedule for a later appointment.

  • All of our cancelled appointments have been fully refunded.

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