October VIP Private

1 Person

Olde Salem Village

1 hour


Tax not included.


The stage is set! Autumn 1692. The townspeople of Olde Salem Village have been whispering of witchcraft from the mysterious dwellers who lurk in the last cottage on the right. This dimensional set features an 8-foot tree, cast iron cauldron, and the 1,400 square-foot cottage.

Package Includes

An exclusive 1 hour private session! We close the doors! Includes entire photo session as a digital download plus 2 sheets of prints. Choose 2 to 4 images for 5x7 or 8x10 prints.


What makes this program different from other colleges?

The opportunity to improve your professional potential and stand out from the crowd.
To achieve success in this field you will need the proper training, that combines core know-how in the field with measurable business, client-relations, and studio management skills.

We go beyond traditional education experiences and immerse you in our studio learning environment using Greenlight RAW (Real Applictions Workflow) so you too can join the Creative Force®!

What will I learn in this program? What is the curriculum like?

Program content includes:

Foundation Study | Interactive Media Studio Development | General Education for Interactive Design Professionals | Website Marketing for Interactive Design Professionals | Portfolio Development for Interactive Design Professionals

Are there more course descriptions and details in the catalog?

Yes. All the course descriptions, details and all other college policy can be found in the Living Arts College catalog here: http://www.living-arts-college.edu/catalog/

What kind of degree will I have when I graduate?

A Bachelor of Arts completed in only three years, instead of four. Some other options are available. Contact your Adviser today for more details.

What kind of career could I have?

Careers that graduates of this program pursue include, but are not limited to, the following:

Graphic designer | Brand designer | Package designer | Mobile app designer | Interactive designer | User experience designer | Publication designer | Exhibit/environmental designer | Web-based application designer/developer

What is the student experience like?

This is a unique program that takes professional creativity skills to a higher level. Living Arts College alumni have gone on to work on blockbuster films, video game titles, broadcast advertising and industry productions. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Living Arts College offers small class sizes allowing our talented instructors to guide our students and help them achieve success in a fast-paced, studio environment. Raleigh is also home to some major video game producers and software developers.

The facility is a large 3 monolithic dome structure, allowing for plenty of open-air classroom spaces and a creative work environment. Industry speakers regularly visit our campus and our classrooms, both virtually and on-site.

Living Arts College has been enhancing creativity careers for almost 30 years. Connect with an Advisor to learn if you qualify for this or any of our programs.

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ABOUT WITCH PIX: Rated as one of the Most 9 Unique Travel Experiences in the USA by Trip Advisor, Witch Pix has been an award-winning witch-themed portrait photo studio and tourist destination since 2003. Dress up from our wardrobe of over 300 costumes for all sizes, generations, and genders ranging from dark to vibrant with lighting and props, take a journey into art, Hollywood, history, and fun with your photographer! Choose the photoshoot fantasy: Fly over the moon and look into the future at ""Magic Avenue", recapture life in 1692 at the "Olde Salem Village", or practice your craft inside the "Witch's Cottage". Digital and print packages are prepared immediately. You've seen Salem's history, now make your own history in Witch City here. Appointments are encouraged, walk-ins are welcome! Our Witch Stitch Boutique offers one of-a-kind witch hats and cloaks handmade of plush fabrics for pagans or partygoers. Witch Pix Cosmetix and gift shop merchandise available.

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