All Pix Plus 2 Sheets

7 People

Olde Salem Village

30 minutes


Tax not included.


The stage is set! Autumn 1692. The townspeople of Olde Salem Village have been whispering of witchcraft from the mysterious dwellers who lurk in the last cottage on the right. This dimensional set features an 8-foot tree, cast iron cauldron, and the 1,400 square-foot cottage.


Includes entire photo session as a digital download plus 2 sheets of prints. Choose 2 to 4 images for 5x7 or 8x10 prints.

Broad availability 7 days a week year-round.


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Neatly Said is professionally written, therapist-approved content from real souls, written to the hearts and minds of your clients. We address common issues as an objective third party, with a relatable tone and from a refreshing perspective. This helps break down isolating and hopeless feelings clients often experience as they consider therapy or are current clients. It’s clear how important engaging content can be, and how little of it there really is for most practices.

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Yes. This content is written for you, by us and we never plagiarize. We take real stories from our lives and apply them to your clients’ lives in a way that fosters deeper thought and growth.

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Don't worry, it's easy. With a Neatly Said blog subscription, we send you two articles each month on the first business day of the month, unless it happens to be a holiday.

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Absolutely. Our monthly subscribers can stay as long as they like, and we think they'll want to stay. We exist purely on the quality of our content and a strong understanding of what educational content can do for clients' lives. Cancel any time up to your distribution pay date and we’ll treat you with character. We won’t even ask questions.

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We wish we could proudly exclaim “YES!” but we know it won’t hurt your SEO. Google’s algorithms change often, but experts seem to agree that content used with permission – as long as that is clear in the content – is OK. (we make it clear in the content!)

One other thing – we don’t like to focus on SEO too much. That’s not the point. This is an added value at a very low cost to help your clients grow and relate to someone else brave enough to write about their problems. When they find your site, they’ll likely stay longer, learn something new, or perhaps trust you enough to take their first courageous leap into therapy.

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ABOUT WITCH PIX: Rated as one of the Most 9 Unique Travel Experiences in the USA by Trip Advisor, Witch Pix has been an award-winning witch-themed portrait photo studio and tourist destination since 2003. Dress up from our wardrobe of over 300 costumes for all sizes, generations, and genders ranging from dark to vibrant with lighting and props, take a journey into art, Hollywood, history, and fun with your photographer! Choose the photoshoot fantasy: Fly over the moon and look into the future at ""Magic Avenue", recapture life in 1692 at the "Olde Salem Village", or practice your craft inside the "Witch's Cottage". Digital and print packages are prepared immediately. You've seen Salem's history, now make your own history in Witch City here. Appointments are encouraged, walk-ins are welcome! Our Witch Stitch Boutique offers one of-a-kind witch hats and cloaks handmade of plush fabrics for pagans or partygoers. Witch Pix Cosmetix and gift shop merchandise available.

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