Private VIP Session

3 People

Witch's Cottage

1 hour


Tax not included.


A sanctum for the busy witch! This theatrical 12’ x 8’ set features an apothecary bookcase of potions and spell books, a magic mirror for the fairest of them all, and an altar adorned with magical tools for spell casting and ritual.

Package Includes

An exclusive 1 hour private session! We close the doors! Includes entire photo session as a digital download plus 2 sheets of prints. Choose 2 to 4 images for 5x7 or 8x10 prints.



1食600円で検討中です。 金額は入居者さん同士で決めていきます


お勤めされている方でも入居可能です。 ライフサポーターとしてCOCO下小田内で有償ボランティアとして 活動することもできます。


日中はライフサポーターが基本常駐しています。 夜間は入居者さん同士での見守りとなります。


大丈夫です。性別は問いません。 自分のできる事は自分でやる。でも助け合いの心を持って 仲間と一つ屋根の下で暮らしていける方なら大歓迎です。


持ち込みは基本的に自由です。 ※火器等危険物の持ち込みは出来ません。


ゴミ出し当番、館内禁煙等簡単なルールはありますが 入居者による自治を推奨していますので、入居者の要請を受け 運営協議会にて承認のうえ決定変更します。



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ABOUT WITCH PIX: Rated as one of the Most 9 Unique Travel Experiences in the USA by Trip Advisor, Witch Pix has been an award-winning witch-themed portrait photo studio and tourist destination since 2003. Dress up from our wardrobe of over 300 costumes for all sizes, generations, and genders ranging from dark to vibrant with lighting and props, take a journey into art, Hollywood, history, and fun with your photographer! Choose the photoshoot fantasy: Fly over the moon and look into the future at ""Magic Avenue", recapture life in 1692 at the "Olde Salem Village", or practice your craft inside the "Witch's Cottage". Digital and print packages are prepared immediately. You've seen Salem's history, now make your own history in Witch City here. Appointments are encouraged, walk-ins are welcome! Our Witch Stitch Boutique offers one of-a-kind witch hats and cloaks handmade of plush fabrics for pagans or partygoers. Witch Pix Cosmetix and gift shop merchandise available.

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