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Photo Experiences

Potion Pix

Make your own personal potion! Witches come pose for dramatic portraits, bottle your special potion, and protect your creation with our trademark wax seal. Our new working altar includes magical cauldrons, olive wood bowls & spoons and organic ingredients such as: Salem Lavender, Roses in purple pink & red, Himalayan Salt in Black and Pink, Greek Oregano, and Tea From Mount Olympus. Take home your potion bottle for your meditation, incantations and unique personal memorabilia to treasure.

Potion Pix is only available until September 19th.

Photo of a woman dressed like a witch, on our Witch Cottage set, holding a potion

on Witch Cottage

Pink Himalayan salt

Himalayan Pink/Black Salt

Salem Lavender

Rose petals
Golden witch wax seal

Dried Roses

Signature Witch Wax Seal

To Book:
Select 'Witch Cottage' as your set, then after selecting your desired date/time, select the 'Potion Pix' experience option

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